Portfolio 2017

‘Ball, Block, Blank’ Concertinas

Portfolio page 1
The beginning title of A Level Art, ‘Ball, Block, Blank’, inspired forms to be captured, sorted and their structures rewritten – September 2016.

‘Ball, Block, Blank’ Compositions

Following on from the title, ‘Ball, Block, Blank’, prints were produced with acrylic, printing inks and carbon paper, and collated – October – November 2016.

Sketchbook Development

Portfolio page 3
Exploring ideas of fluidity and freedom within linear design, inspired by Tate Modern and Robert Rauschenberg’s recent exhibition – OctoberDecember 2016.

Tate and Abstract Expressionism Collage

Portfolio page 4.1
The Abstract Expressionists, Kline and Newman inspire this collaboration of colour, medium and the conflicting order of movement – November – December 2016.

London Landscape Canvas Collage

Portfolio page 5
Studying the breakdown of linear dominance within London’s rigid landscape, influenced by Rauschenberg’s ‘Automobile Tire Print’ – January – February 2017.

Transportation Reflections

Portfolio page 6
Organic pathways reflecting the uncontrollable movement of the London Underground – March 2017.

Batik Sketchbook Plan

Portfolio page 7
Planning the batik composition of city regime and the free flow of people rebelling – March 2017.

‘Open All Hours’ Batik Collage

Portfolio page 8
Traffic lights and industrial materials merge with intricate details to echo the inner movement of a strict cityscape – March – April 2017.

Cityscape Garment Design

Portfolio page 9
Concept sketch of urban ideas combined on a final garment – April 2017.

Cityscape Garment Development

Portfolio page 10
Incorporating and arranging previous urban designs and recycled materials to flow with the body – April – May 2017.

The Final Garment

Portfolio page 11
May 2017

Tonal Exploration of Palm Leaves

Portfolio page 12
Exploring tonal ideas directed a focus on shadows, highlights and textures; yet retaining a dynamic feeling of growth and regeneration – September 2017.

Tonal Print Exploration

Portfolio page 13
Playing with tonal patterns, block shades and blank spaces to create folded structures, in essence of cabbage forms – September 2017.

Palm Leaf Prints

Portfolio page 14
A series of prints and patterns, layered together to reflect the continuously evolving form of the palm leaves – October 2017.

Final Garment Concept Sketches

Portfolio page 15
October 2017

Garment Details

Portfolio page 16
Delicate details fanning out and up; emphasising the growth of the “living” garment – November 2017.

Garment Details

Portfolio page 17
Magnified details of layered patterns, bubble wrap and netting, combined and contrasting – November 2017.

The Final Garment

Portfolio page 18
November 2017

The Final Garment


Portfolio page 19
November 2017









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