Portfolio 1

Portfolio page 1
The beginning title of A Level Art, ‘Ball, Block, Blank’, inspired objects, possessing these qualities, to be captured, sorted and their forms emphasised through stitching, painting and carving to question how each of their refined structures communicate a collective idea.
Portfolio page 2.1
Following on from the title, ‘Ball, Block, Blank’, prints were produced with acrylic, printing inks and carbon paper, and collated to produce compositions highlighting these key elements.
Portfolio page 3
Visiting the Tate Modern Art Museum and Robert Rauschenberg’s Exhibition led to further exploration in sketchbooks to interpret the ideas of fluidity and freedom within linear design.
Portfolio page 4.1
The Abstract Expressionists, Kline and Newman inspire this collaboration of colour and medium, heightening the contrasting factors of each aspect and the conflicting order of movement.
Portfolio page 5
Studying London’s rigid landscape and the rebellion of bikes against these constraints, inspired the breakdown of linear dominance within the piece, similar to Rauschenberg’s ‘Automobile Tire Print’.
Portfolio page 6
Organic pathways reflecting the uncontrollable movement of the London underground.
Portfolio page 7
Planning the batik composition of city regime and the free flow of people rebelling.
Portfolio page 8
Traffic lights and industrial materials merge with intricate stitching, batik and graphite imprints to echo the inner movement of a rigid cityscape and the forces that power it.
Portfolio page 9
Concept sketch of urban ideas combined on a final garment.
Portfolio page 10
Incorporating and arranging previous urban designs and recycled materials to flow with the body.
Portfolio page 11
The final garment.
Portfolio page 12
Exploring tonal ideas directed a focus on shadows, highlights and textures which were reproduced through paint and sketch interpretations, continuously considering the light, feather-like appearance of the palm leaves yet retaining a dynamic feeling of growth and endless regeneration.
Portfolio page 13
Playing with tonal patterns, block shades and blank spaces to create folded structures, in essence of cabbage forms.
Portfolio page 14
A series of prints and patterns on lino, acetate and tissue paper, layered together to reflect the continuously evolving form of the palm leaves and accentuate hidden details.
Portfolio page 15
Concept sketches of the final garment designs.
Portfolio page 16
Delicate details fanning out and up; emphasising the growth of the “living” garment.
Portfolio page 17
Magnified details of layered patterns, bubble wrap and netting, combined and contrasting.
Portfolio page 18
The final garment.
Portfolio page 19.jpg
The final garment.

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